Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle testing is utilized to inspect ferromagnetic materials for defects located at or near the surface.

Testing is done to our SOP’s at a minimum which meet or exceed ASTM E-709.

Customer procedures and specifications can be met with ease, with our extensive array of equipment.

Equipment Capabilities:

  • Portable capacitor discharge up to 12,000 AMP
  • Portable AC / DC continuous box up to 2,000 AMP
  • DC coil up to 13,650 Amp / Turns
  • AC yoke lifting power of 10 lbs

Benefits of Magnetic Particle Testing:

  • Surface preparation not as critical when compared to Penetrant Testing
  • Able to detect surface and near surface discontinuities
  • Parts with thin non-conductive coatings can be inspected using this method with out removal
  • Post- test cleaning is minimal

Disadvantages of Magnetic Particle Testing:

  • Limited to ferromagnetic materials
  • Decrease in sensitivity under surface
  • Discontinuity orientation must be known or two separate tests must be done
  • Not reliable for porosity

BHA is well versed in performing Magnetic Particle Testing to the following industry standards:

  • DS-1
  • ISO 10407-2
  • API standards
  • ASTM standards
  • ASME standards
  • Customer standards