Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid Penetrant testing is utilized to locate linear / rounded indications and other defects that are open to the surface.

Testing is done to our SOP’s at a minimum which meet or exceed ASTM E-165.

Customer procedures and specifications can be met with ease, with our vast experience in Liquid Penetrant Testing. We have developed techniques to test hard to reach areas for customers using this method.

Process Capabilities:

  • Sensitivity level I and II
  • Visible and fluorescent methods
  • Water washable

Advantages of Liquid Penetrant Testing:

  • Less equipment needed compared to Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Wide range of applications
  • Simple processing equipment
  • Can detect small discontinuities

Limitations of Liquid Penetrant Testing:

  • Discontinuities must be open to the surface
  • Very extensive level of cleanliness is necessary
  • Temperature limitations
  • Difficult to use on rough surfaces

BHA is well versed in performing Liquid Penetrant Testing to the following industry standards:

  • DS-1
  • ISO 10407-2
  • API standards
  • ASTM standards
  • ASME standards
  • Customer standards