Rockwell Hardness Testing

Rockwell Hardness testing measures the permanent depth of the indentation produced by a known force / load of the indenter.

Testing is done to our SOP’s at a minimum which meet or exceed ASTM E-18 & ASTM E-110.

Customer site testing can be done with the use of our portable Clark CPTXL equipment. Rockwell Hardness testing is used to ensure material integrity meets established requirements of material MTR’s / engineering specifications.

Process Capabilities:

  • Rockwell scales of A, B, C, E, F and H
  • Portable Clark CPTXL
  • Stationary Clark CR-1A

Advantages of Rockwell Hardness Testing:

  • Results can be used to meet some industry requirements for MTR’s
  • Parts are not damaged as in the Brinell Hardness Testing method