Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

We utilize this system to continually improve our services and track any trends that could cause an issue.

Top management’s commitment to our quality system has catapulted it well beyond average from an inspection company’s perspective. From the president to the new hire, quality comes first, and internal communication is key to keeping that state of mind alive. Being a small company BHA has a huge advantage when it comes to communication, all customer expectations are communicated in a timely manner to field personnel.

Over the last few years our quality system has been audited by major oil companies, with only a handful of findings. We consider these audits a value added process and welcome any companies to contact us to audit our facility.

high quality level


“Bottom Hole Assurance is committed to providing nondestructive testing and material identification services that meet or exceed customer requirements, and specifications as well as specified legal and industry regulations. We will do this by continually improving our processes, capabilities and quality management system.”