We can tailor any inspection process meeting customer or regulatory needs. Call us to see how we can better service your needs.
We offer a vast array of NDT services to meet the ever growing needs of the oil and gas industry.
We at BHA are here to ensure that our customers have the confidence that the tools we inspect are fit for the purpose in which they were designed for. Quality is the upmost of importance to our organization which is why we have an ISO 9001 compliant quality system. Our safety consultant performs routine inspections on personnel every month to ensure we are meeting OSHA standards.
Pump Jack
Magnetic Particle

Magnetic Particle

Magnetic Particle testing is utilized to inspect ferromagnetic materials for defects located at or near the surface.
Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid Penetrant

Liquid Penetrant testing is utilized to locate linear/rounded indications and other defects that are open to the surface.
Hardness Testing

Rockwell Hardness Testing

Rockwell Hardness testing measures the permanent depth of the indentation produced by a known force/load of the indenter.
UTT Thickness

UTT Wall Thickness

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness testing can determine the thickness of a part using ultrasonics.

ASNT Level III Services

Our on staff ASNT Level III provides NDT Level I & II certification, training, and consulting.
Third Party Monitoring

Third-Party Monitoring

We offer third-party monitoring services.
Proudly Serving You Since 1999.
Bottom Hole Assurance, Inc. (BHA) has been serving the oil and gas industry since 1999. Since then our customer base has grown substantially. All NDT personnel are certified to the latest ASNT SNT-TC-1A standards. Our NDT services are based around quality and all processes follow our detailed operating procedures. Assisting this is a management group with the focus on complete customer satisfaction.