Announcement of changes in management

We would like to inform you of the following changes in management. Nicolas Ryan will be appointed as Quality Manager, with Brandon Prejean stepping into the role of Managing Partner.

Mr. Ryan has been training for years in quality alongside Mr. Prejean. Nicolas is ISO 9001 lead auditor certified and level II in multiple methods. He has proved his competence time and time again in audits and management reviews that he participated in or facilitated. Most recently Mr. Ryan facilitated a customer audit with zero findings, proving that he has the knowledge and leadership to fit this role.

Mr. Prejean has proven to be an asset to our organization for almost twenty years. Over the course of this time his workload has increased out of the scope of quality. Brandon holds ASNT Level III certification in MT and PT, with this move it will allow him time to focus on expanding our Level III services: while directing the strategic vision of the organization. He has proven his competence by facilitating the day-to-day operations of the organization for over ten years now, while working alongside Dwayne Gary our President.

We request you all to congratulate Nicolas Ryan and Brandon Prejean on these achievements that will surely advance our organization

Thank You,

Dwayne Gary

President of Bottom Hole Assurance, Inc.